Water Education

We want to thank everyone who purchased a bottle on our site to help us donate SIGGs to schools in need. ⁠

With the closure of many drinking fountains to prevent the spread of Covid in our schools, this has left many kids without a reliable source of drinking water. In order to help, we planned on donating a few bottles to local schools in a buy one, donate one plan, but we realized that unprecedented times require an unprecedented response. ⁠

We had to do more. We crunched the numbers to figure out how much stock we could donate and so far we have been able to donate almost 700 bottles to schools in need.⁠

Thank you for supporting us and for helping those in need. 
If like us, protecting our oceans is a cause dear to your heart, please consider donating or joining an organization in your community. There are amazing organizations that work to save our oceans such as the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Oceana and the Ocean Conservancy.

Much like a SIGG bottle, kindness never goes out of style