Patrick Hunter Moose Battle on Orange Aluminum Box

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Patrick Hunter paints in the Woodland Art form and is an Ojibway artist from Red Lake, ON. Now residing in Toronto, Hunter has been making a name for himself in the Big Smoke and in Canada. Recently, Hunter has collaborated with the online market giant, eBay Canada on a limited edition of fall scarves. The scarves were a part of eBays fall designer series which highlights Canadian talent and sales from the scarves going to a charity of the artists choosing. Art has always been the focus of Hunter's career, but he's since started to work on a small clothing and product lines. He also takes time to head home to north western Ontario to teach art classes to the next generation of young Woodland artists. You can keep track of Patrick's work at   

This box is made from high quality, food grade aluminum and a unique design. Pack it, stack it, stuff it or store it. Perfect for food, goods, trinkets or treasure.


  • Durable, stackable aluminum box with food-safe coating
  • Leak-proof thanks to a practical swing top and rubber seal
  • Not a cooking container, not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers
  • 228x145x77mm