What bottle sizes does SIGG offer for Aluminum Bottles?

What bottle sizes does SIGG offer for Hot & Cold Bottles?

What are the Hot & Cold Bottles made of?

They are made from 18/8 stainless steel. The cap and drinking lid are made from Polypropylene (PP) and the seal is made of silicone. All of the materials are of the highest quality and BPA free. These are manufactured in China.

Where is the SIGG Aluminum Classic Traveller water bottle manufactured?

All SIGG aluminum bottles with the SIGG brand name are manufactured at our own production plant in Frauenfeld (Switzerland).

 Can SIGG bottles be put in the freezer?

No. SIGG bottles are not freezer friendly. When frozen the liquid will expand and the bottle will crack as aluminum does not expand. Warranty does not cover any bottles that have been split from freezing.

What is the SIGG high-performance EcoCare liner made of?

The new generation SIGG EcoCare liner is a high-performance liner which ensures a fresh, clean taste with no metallic aftertaste. It is chemically inert and consists of a special combination of safe, non-toxic ingredients. The main materials used are a special combination of ultrathin-layer-forming co-polyesters. These are also found in many other types of packaging for well-known branded products in the food and drink industry. The raw materials used are both BPA- and phthalate-free and are also free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our manufacturing process ensures that the new generation SIGG EcoCare liner has excellent durability and performance characteristics. All the materials used in the manufacture of the new SIGG EcoCare liner comply with all EU directives and FDA guidelines, such as the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB), TEU 1935/2004, TEU 10/2011, as well as US-CPSIA 2008 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300. SIGG carries out comprehensive safety tests and commissions independent testing organisations to regularly check the high standard of quality at SIGG and to monitor compliance with regulations. SIGG complies fully with the legal requirements in Switzerland, the European Union and the USA and is inspected outside supervisory authorities. The new ultrathin liner is applied uniformly in all SIGG aluminum bottles. Following application, the liner is oven-cured.

 What does it mean if I see flaking of my EcoCare liner?


The EcoCare liner is sprayed in and baked on at extreme temperatures and is built to stay on for the life of the bottle. Over time, if highly sugary fruit juices and sugary beverages are only used, then sometimes a crystalline layer forms inside your SIGG bottle. It is this sugary coating that will eventually chip off and may give the appearance that the liner is peeling off.

If you think the EcoCare Liner is actually peeling off please contact us at www.siggnorthamerica.com click on the warranty tab, fill out the form with the details, include pictures and we will assist you.


Can small dents / pressure marks on the bottle damage the internal coating?

No, the internal coating is highly elastic. This means that dents do not cause tears in the coating layer, it will flex with the dents. This allows the SIGG bottle liner to remain intact staying fully usable.

I have noticed that the internal coating in my bottle has darkened and there are dark spots on the base. How do I solve this?

Your SIGG should not have a problem with dark spots or corrosion, if you do, it could be for a couple of reasons. These discolorations can be caused by sugar deposits. Hard tap water in your SIGG will also result in a build-up of mineral deposits which could leave a metallic taste. Or not adequately rinsing your bottle after use and allowing to air dry.   TIP: To neutralize the mineral deposits forming in your bottle, soak your SIGG bottle overnight with a mixture of warm water and 1 Tbsp. of Baking Soda. Do not leave water in your SIGG for extended periods of time. For stubborn mineral deposits instead of water you can fill your clean, dry SIGG bottle with Distilled White Vinegar and let soak for 24 hours. USE ONLY DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR, NO OTHER KIND WILL WORK. After soaking, rinse with warm water and 1 TBSP of baking soda. Allow to air dry with top off each night and use good filtered drinking water.

How can I clean my SIGG bottle properly?

Always hand-wash your SIGG bottle. Never put in the dishwasher! The heavy duty detergents used in dishwashers affect the exterior paint and internal coating of the bottles. Our warranty does not cover damage to the bottle as a result of dishwashing. Also due to the narrow opening of the SIGG Classic Traveller the dishwasher does not allow for the best cleaning results. Rinse out the bottle and bottle top with hot water after every use, leave open to dry and always store with the top off. For heavy soiling, try using SIGG Bottle Clean cleaning tablets and the SIGG cleaning brush. With children’s and sports tops, as well as the New Active Top, the individual pieces should also be washed regularly by hand

Is it possible that the exterior paint of my bottle flakes?

Regular quality tests ensure a very tough external coating. However, deep scratches or large dents may cause the external coating to crack. If moisture gets in between the coating and the outside of the bottle, the paint may start to flake. This does not in any way affect the bottle’s functionality.

Can I use my SIGG bottle for fizzy drinks too?

Yes, of course. Our New Active Top has a special ventilation feature which ensures that the carbon dioxide escapes before drinking. For SIGG bottles with a screw cap, we recommend filling the bottle to no further than two centimetres below the lip and releasing the pressure before drinking by carefully unscrewing it.

Can SIGG Classic Traveller bottles be used for boiling water?

No. Extreme heat can damage the exterior paint. There is also an acute risk of burns as aluminum is a good heat conductor. Please take a look at our Hot & Cold bottle range.

Are all bottle tops tight?

All SIGG tops normally remain watertight. However, even our tops and seals are subject to normal wear and tear caused by intensive use. TIP: Do not clean bottle tops in the dishwasher. To wash your top, take it apart, rinse it out with hot water and leave it to dry naturally.